Tesla Aura Photos


This is what a friend wrote to me today after receiving her Tesla pendant: " Thank you soooooooo much for the pendant. It is beautiful - my favorite colours - perfect. I put it on and I felt like I was on speed - really - my head cleared up and I had so much energy and I couldn't stop talking!!! I have settled down now but still feel pretty good. Thanks heaps - I am so happy to have this - you are beautiful."

I gave her the pendant in payment for helping prepare the cover for the latest Dolphin Meditation CD that Robert and I have done.

I can't stress enough how powerful these products are. Below is an aura photo of someone wearing a pendant. When I first got mine, I asked Robert to check out my aura and he saw lots of light and colours swirling around my thymus - this apparently helps my immune system, and I can certainly vouch for renewed energy. I honestly wouldn't be without it.

Tesla Aura PhotosThe Pendant adapts to the wearer's personal matrix, thus the wearer's, energy field may become stronger and more balanced. The Pendant may help the wearer cope with their EM environment. The Pendant may also increase activity in the lower brain frequencies as usually happens in deep meditation concentration.

According to many wearers the Pendant has helped negate other energies.

This Aura photo shows the light emitting from the Pendant while being worn (not detected by the naked eye)

While doing the Tesla training we measured people's auras and then got them to hold a mobile phone and then measured their aura again - zip - it had gone. On placing a $40 Tesla phone tag in their hand with the phone, the aura re-appeared. I am very concerned for guys who carry their mobile phones in their pockets - studies at Lueoek University, Germany, measured biological effects extending 2-3 metres from some phone antennas. Below are some aura photos before and after using the phone tags. I can vouch for the effectiveness of these tags - before using them I could only speak for a very short time on my mobile or cordless before I felt my brain "cooking".

Client using mobile phone.
Auric stress evident
Using mobile phone with
Phone Tag fitted, notice
blue calming energy and
pink denotes love.

Sitting at a computer was another pet hate of mine, but what can you do in this age when it is such a huge part of our lives?? My son Matthew was recently at my home in Hervey Bay and naturally I took advantage of his computer expertise to "clean up" the mess I have made of my laptop and pc over the past few years. I had given Matthew a pendant, and also had a plate on my computer. He was amazed how he maintained his energy, even though he was sitting in my office for hours working on the computers. Also, I'm now extremely happy to be able to work at my computer for hours without any adverse effects.

Before After
This photo taken of a person
with a Lap top computer
on their lap. Aura is
showing extreme stress
This photo taken of same
person with Lap top on lap
after Tesla's computer
plate has been fitted

For many years I have had my aura photos taken and have found this a great barometer of how I'm doing spiritually. Knowing that our precious energies are "stripped" by electromagnetic fields, microwave energies etc. is infuriating. Also finding out that my body was carrying geopathic stress as a result of my environment was very disturbing. This is cancer material. I guess that's why I'm pretty over the moon about the Tesla Technology. I have more energy now than ever before.

Please do not ignore this opportunity to protect your precious energy fields.

To see the variety of pendants available, go to www.tesla33.com

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Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any queries.