Past Lives, Karmic, Genetic and Inner Child Healing

There are many layers to our subconscious which is what runs our lives. People can do so much work on themselves as far as their childhood is concerned, and never seem to break through limiting patterns and blocks. At times it will seem like The Never Ending Story and finding the way through the maze can be daunting. My many years of studying various modalities has brought me to a place of understanding much of our psyche and how we can break free from the programs that limit us. Our subconscious remembers everything in feelings and pictures, so in my work, once I am aware of the root cause of the issue, it’s just a matter of “reframing” – change the picture and bring it to love with understanding and forgiveness.

Past Life and Karmic Healing

I am always fascinated by past lives and how they can influence the present. I believe that many challenges we face in this life have their foundations in a past life – ie, it has been interesting to observe that often women who have been abused in this life, were the abuser in a past life. Health and abundance issues can often be traced back to past lives (see more on this in the Healing the Etheric Family Pattern).

I worked with someone recently who had shingles – she said she needed to let go of a long term dysfunctional friendship where she felt “used”. I saw a past life where she had been a twin and at 9 years of age there was a flood and my friend couldn’t save her twin. She mentioned after the healing, that she met her friend (this lifetime) at the age of 9 and tried to teach her how to swim with no avail. She also saw that she had brought in a lot of guilt from that life as she felt she had failed. This had played out in many areas of this life. Letting go of this relationship was so much easier after she understood the deeper issue and forgave herself.

KARMA is very tied up with past life issues. I was broken hearted once when someone I was in a relationship with tricked me out of a lot of money and I nearly lost my home. Once I discovered that I was responsible for him losing his house in a past life, it was easier to “let it go” as karma had been completed.

One of my male friends and I have also had many past lives together, and in one, he murdered me as a High Priestess because of his jealousy of my power. This played out in this life with me not trusting men and also avoiding standing in my power. I had disempowered him in another life, so this time round, we had the opportunity to forgive each other and heal many other wounds. Clearing karma is pivotal to becoming empowered and living from the heart. Otherwise many of our relationships can be tainted with fear and lack of trust.

Genetic Healing

I believe we choose our family based on the issues we have come in to complete in this life. For example, if we have abused our wealth in a past life, we will choose a family with a poverty mentality because we don’t trust ourselves. It’s extremely challenging to overcome this stuff because this poverty consciousness gets locked into our DNA. In some families, the boys are treated with more respect and women are treated as “second rate”, so it’s hard for women in this case to become successful. Often people think that disease is genetic, but it’s actually a pre-disposition to a certain way of thinking that causes the problem. Many patterns are passed from generation to generation, but through healing we are able to “stand our ground” and come back into the truth of who we are in Spirit – sovereign powerful beings. It is my great joy to be shown how to shepherd people through this minefield.

Inner Child Work

Healing the inner child has also been an important focus of my healing work. We take on many beliefs and limited ways of being based on the way we were treated as a child. For example, if we were to be "seen and not heard", we will have trouble speaking up as an adult; if we came from a working class family, we may have difficulty creating an abundant life; if we had a religious upbringing, we may believe "money is the root of all evil" or in the need for sacrifice.

It’s very challenging for people to get in touch with their inner child for healing, mainly because they will have to pay attention to their feelings which can be very painful. The effect of words upon children is hypnotic and very difficult to overcome when they grow older. The search for better feelings can lead to a variety of addictions or a vicious cycle of self-sabotage, self-doubt etc. Healing the inner child is precious and sensitive work – we are not dealing with a logical mind here, but the raw innocence of a child who did not know how to express their feelings – bringing these feelings to the surface can be very painful and frightening. To stay safe, we often had to suppress anger, fear etc. and if not dealt with, these suppressed feelings can cause issues with health, relationships, parenting and life itself. I heard from a Chiropractor the other day that all pain is a result of supressed feelings. I will often get a specific age when a client shut down, and we work from there. I am “shown” by spirit how to heal the issue and it’s then a matter of allowing the child to go back and see themselves expressing their feelings and being heard and honoured.

In the “free download” section of this website there is a little booklet I created on how to raise your frequency. It has lots of tools in it to help people on a day to day basis with issues that come to the surface.

However, if you are having difficulty getting in touch with the deeper issues that prevent you from living a free and empowered life, then please arrange a session with me.